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بحث علمى عن عبد اللطيف ابو هيف باللغة الانجليزية 2017

بحث علمى عن عبد اللطيف ابو هيف باللغة الانجليزية 2017 FOR THE RECORD: World's Great Marathon Swimmer from 1953-1972; Longest Distance Swim - 60 miles of Lake Michigan

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بحث علمى عن عبد اللطيف ابو هيف باللغة الانجليزية 2017

بحث علمى عن عبد اللطيف ابو هيف باللغة الانجليزية 2017

World's Great Marathon Swimmer from 1953-1972; Longest Distance Swim - 60 miles of Lake Michigan in 34 hours, 45 minutes; Competed in over 68 International Races between 30km and 80km in length. 1964, 1965, 1968 World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation Champion. Famous swims, with first place finishes, include: 1953 - Seine River (Paris) France, 18 miles, 5:46.40; 1954 - St. Nazaire LaBaule, France, 26 miles, 7:41.15; 1955 - English Channel (France to England), 21 miles, 11:44.00; 1955 - St. Nazaire - La Baule, France, 26 miles, 9:32.00; 1956 - Nile River, U.A.R., 42 miles, 17:01.01; 1956 - Ouvers, Oise, France, 11 miles, 4:24-00; 1956 - Seine River (Paris) France, 18 miles, 6:37.50; 1957 - Saida,

Beirut, Lebanon, 25 miles, 13:05.00; 1961 - Saida, Beirut, Lebanon, 23 miles, 10:47.00; 1962 - Lake Ohrid, Yugoslavia, 21 miles, 9:27.07; 1963 - Capri, Naples, Italy, 23 miles, (tie) 8:49.35; 1963 - Lake Michigan USA, 60 miles, 34:45.00; 1963 - Toronto (CNE) Ontario, Canada, 15 miles, 7:37.26; 1964 - Capri, Naples, Italy, 23 miles, (tie) 10:43.57; 1964 - Rio Corond, Argentina, 38 miles, 10:38.50; 1964 - Toronto (CNE) Ontario, Canada, 30 miles, 19:00.00; 1965 - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 10 miles, (tie) 5:18.54.2; 1965 - Lac St. Jean, Quebec, Canada, 25 miles, 8:34.35; 1965 - Rio Parana, Argentina, 55 miles, (tie) 10:31.41; 1966 - Montreal, Quebec, Canada (30 hr. team race), 251 laps; 1968 - Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada, 28 miles, 9:10.00; 1968 - Molson Sprint, 10:44.08; 1968 - Narragansett, Rhode Island, 15 miles, (tie) 8:11.00; 1969 - Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada, 28 miles, finished at 10 hr.; 1969 - LaTuque, Quebec, Canada, 24 hr. team swim, 62.5 laps.

In a country where marathon swimming is the premier sport, Abdellatief Abouheif is Egypt's national hero. Revered and respected, his fellow countrymen bow down to him, streets and buildings are named after him and when the great Abouheif speaks, people listen. To the rest of the world, he is an extraordinary phenomenon.

Very few other marathon swimmers can match the achievements of this amazing long distance swimmer. His death defying distance swims and open water races have been held in most of the major bodies of water in the world and under extreme conditions. For example, in a swim hosted by ISHOF Gold Medallion recipient Jim Moran, Abouheif accomplished the 60 mile Lake Michigan Crossing of 1963, spending 34 hours 45 minutes in the chilly 52 degree F. water. In 1962, he spent over 9 hours in the 84 degree F. water, completing the 23 mile Mar Del Plata swim in Argentina. But like all of his swims, he endures, takes himself to the limit and recovers.

Between 1953 and 1972, he competed in over 68 international races of lengths from 30k to 80 kilometers. In 1964, 1965 and 1968, he was the

World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation Champion of a circuit of races held in Canada, United States, Italy and South America. Of these 68 races he most often finished first and in only 12 races did he finish below third place. International competitions were hosted by France, Argentina, Lebanon, England, Yugoslavia, Mexico and Holland.

Abouheif was born in 1929, the eighth of fifteen children and the son of a school teacher and Parliamentary member. He received his secondary education at Eaton and Sandhurst Military Academy in England. He returned to Egypt to serve in the army rising to the rank of colonel. Along the way he learned to play the piano, speak six languages, marry a beautiful Greek opera singer and become the world's professional swimming champion.

Abouheif's five foot ten inch frame that weighs between 200 and 240 pounds, is well covered with fat to endure the exposure to cold water. His eating had no rules and he would eat anything that smelled good at the time, which, before a race, could include two whole roast chickens and a quart of orange juice and milk.

He was held in awe by every swimmer on the circuit. If there was ever any doubt as to whether or not a race could be completed, due to weather conditions, Abouheif would erase that doubt and battle the elements to the finish line. No body of water was too difficult a challenge for him, either fresh or salt water. He has crossed or traversed the English Channel, Lac St. John, Capri-Naples, Canadian National Exposition, La Tugue, Quebec City, Chicoutimi, the Nile River, the Seine River and many more. His trademark was a flurry of strokes and a finish sprint that carries him to the finish line to strive with unyielding competitiveness and to endure in the battle with mother nature.

If an emblem were made that represents Abouheif and his feats, it would have a big set of beautiful white teeth amidst a friendly grin and a picture

of a huge stomach. He became the greatest marathon swimmer in the history of the sport and set the standards for today's open water swimmers

The Nile Crocodile is not extinct yet ; a tribute that is not too late

Last month Egypt farewelled one of its athletes who raised its name high in the field of sport creating the living legend of Nile Crocodile : Captain Abdel Latif Abu Haif , our 20th century swimmer.
بحث علمى عن عبد اللطيف ابو هيف باللغة الانجليزية 2017

I had to two opportunities to meet this man but unfortunately I missed them : One in the summer vacation from three years ago , my friend invited me to spend two weeks with her in the North Coast in their villa , their neighbour next door was late Abu Haif , already my friend told me that despite his old age , Abu Haif used to swim in the sea every day . The second opportunity was a sad one in my Grandfather’s memorial service from two years ago. I was in the women’s section and he was in the men’s section. Still I had the chance to see him personally in Zamalak with his wife

Captain Abdel Latif Abu Haif was the Century swimmer in Egypt , he won the world championship for 5 successive years and he was the third Egyptian to cross the English Channel “aka La Maunche in Egypt” after Ishaq “Isaac” Bek Abdel Kader and Hassan Abdel Rahim to start the saga of the Nile Crocodile in 1950s and 1960s for 3 times . And this is just few of his victories

Captain Abu Haif was Egypt’s Champion in Long distance Swimming and Marathon Swimming ,already this sport was very very popular and successful in Egypt in its old golden days.

Abdel Latif Khamis Abu Haif was born in Alexandria on the 30th of January 1929 “oh yes on my birthday”. He wanted to become a swimmer after watching Johny Weismuller in a Tarzan film, already almost all Alexandrians are excellent swimmers whether women or men. He started to swim in the age of 10 . His role model was Ishaq Halmi who was the first Egyptian and Arabic to cross the English Channel. In 1951 he became the third Egyptian to cross the Channel from an Egyptian team made of 13 swimmers. King Farouk rewarded him by sending him to continue his education at Eaton then Royal Military academy Sandhurst where he graduated there in 1956. Still he was not engaged in the Military but in Swimming , he was the star in our legendary Egyptian swimming national team better known as “The Nile Crocodiles “ , they were and him especially important icon in the 1960s

He died in Cairo on the 21 April 2008 in Cairo after along time illness. He suffered from HVC that caused him Liver failure beside Skin Cancer.

He was married from his relative Manar Abu Haif ,the Egyptian Opera singer and he has one son Nasser Abu Haif.

He was honoured twice in 1998 and 2001 by the international Swimming hall of fame in Florida , in 2001 after a poll made online ,he won the great remarkable title of “The Marathon Swimmer of the 20th century” of course this is beside his honours around the world and in Egypt.

This was a great man ,seriously , a role model of how a sports man should be.

His smile was so beautiful and he kept it even till his last days despite all what he suffered from

I am sorry but this picture is said to be his last in the media as you can see he was still keeping it

Egyptians were the first African and Orientals from the East to cross the English channel as I hinted before starting with Ishaq Abdel Kader in 1928 who swam from France to UK Solo for 23 hours and 40 minutes , then Hassan Abdel Rahim in 1950 who swam from France to UK also solo for 10 hours and 15 minutes “can you believe it that from 23 hours to 15 hours !!??”

In 1984 the first Egyptian to cross the Channel swimming in the two ways was Mr. Osama Ahmed Momtaz and he took 21 hours and 37 minutes “Can You imagine how tiring it is ??!!”

Egyptians are on the top Arab swimmers in the English Channel , more than 20 times they succeeded in crossing it from UK to France , and more than

Even our special need swimmers had succeeded in crossing it several times.

Unfortunately in the last 20 years no body cares about Long distance swimming.

But there is still a hope.

I do not know if it is fate or not but Egypt was qualified to represent Africa in the Long Distance swimming category in Beijing 2008 Olympics games . This happened directly after the death of Abu El-Haif and strangely the champion who was qualified was the same young man Abu El-Haif expected him to revive hopefully the legend of the Nile Crocodile

Mohammed Zanatay , whom I wish all the luck in Beijing , I know it is tough but we can make it again

Today one month would have passed on the death of Egypt’s great icons in the 20th century .

May Allah bless your soul Nile Croc.

He is an Egyptian swimmer. He was born on 29th January 1929 A.D in Alexandria.

He completed his certificate in 1956 A.D in a military faculty in London. He entered this faculty honoring from the king Farouge after he passed the Manch in 1951 A.D. He asked the king to be his present entering the best military faculty.

At the age f ten he began his way with swimming which he liked since he was young. During his way as a swimmer he got many names. It started with Alexandria championship. He stayed ten years in the head of the local heroes and for 25 years he was the best national swimmers.


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